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Subaru HID Bulbs

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Due to the wide variety of construction years and versions of vehicles, the list below may not be accurate in exceptional cases. If in doubt, Contact Us to ensure you choose the correct bulb type for your car.

R1 2005-2010 D2S
R2 2003-2010 D2S
Outback 2003-2009 D2S
Alcyone SVX 2009-2012 D2S
Impreza 2000-2002 D2S
Impreza 2002-2005 D2R
Impreza 2005-2012 D2S
Impreza 2006-2012 D2S
Impreza Anessis 2008-2012 D2S
Exiga 2008-2012 D2R
Stella 2006-2012 D2S
Index 2008-2012 D4R
Forester 2002-2007 D2R
Pleo 2007-2012 D2R
Legacy 1998-2003 D2R
Legacy 2003-2012 D2S
Legacy Touring Wagon 1998-2003 D2R
Legacy Touring Wagon 2003-2009 D2S
Legacy Lancaster 1998-2003 D2R
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