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  1. hid-r t88 d1r 6000k

    HID-R T-88 D1R Premium Xenon Bulb / Globe

    Want that amazing bright, white-blue look sported by the latest European cars? Upgrade to our premium HID-R T-88 bulbs which are brighter and more attractive to the eye than the original white hue of your existing factory bulbs, and enhance your night time driving experience.  

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  2. hid-r t88 d1s 6000k

    HID-R N-88R D1R Ultra-Performance Xenon Bulb / Globe - 5 Year Warranty

    The brand new N-88s are a product of advanced technology. Brighter and whiter than your factory fitted bulbs and the standard E-88s, but staying true to the favoured pure white hue, a pair of the N-88s will provide you with a refreshing driving experience at night. 

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  3. hid-r e88 d1r 4500k

    HID-R E-88 D1R OEM Replacement Xenon Bulb / Globe

    Our cost-effective option to replacing your existing HID bulbs. To replace only one of your bulbs, or you prefer the effect of the standard OEM bulbs, the HID-R E-88s will best match the brightness and hue of your original factory fitted bulbs. 

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3 Item(s)

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