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What bulb do I need? 

If your vehicle was factory fitted with HID bulbs, you need one (or two) of our replacement bulbs. First, check whether you need a D1R, D1S, D2R, D2S, D3R, D3S, D4R or D4s from our Select-A-Bulb menu on the left. Alternatively, you can click on the make of your vehicle and scroll-through for your model. Second, decide whether you want an E-88, N-88 or T-88. In a nutshell, E-88s match the brightness and colour of your existing bulbs, so are ideal if you want to replace only one of your factory bulbs, or you want to stick with the original hue of your factory bulbs. If you want to upgrade to a brighter and whiter look, go for a pair of N-88s, or for a brighter and white-blue hue, check out the T-88s. 

Why do you recommend buying bulbs in pairs?

Not only may replacing only one bulb on your vehicle result in an uneven light balance between the new and old bulb, but if one of your factory bulbs have called it quits, it is likely that the other one is not far off. It's also an excuse to upgrade your vehicle to a better and brighter pair of bulbs. We recommend upgrading to a pair of N-88s or T-88s for a brighter, more attractive pair of eyes on the road. Our brightest bulbs are the N-88s which produce a truly bright, white light, and have a kelvin temperature that mimics daylight. Alternatively, the T-88s produce a white-blue light which are brighter than the E-88s, but are technically not as bright as the mighty N-88s. 

We encourage purchasing in pairs by offering $10 off the total purchase price of a pair of replacement bulbs. This discount is not applicable to our HID conversion kits which are sold as a complete package with a pair of bulbs and ballasts and wiring. 

Do you have HID conversion kits for vehicles with halogen lighting? 

For cars not originally fitted with HID bulbs at factory, we have quality HID conversion kits available. These are predominantly plug-and-play and will fit into your existing wiring loom. However, some vehicles may require some additional wiring and installation depending on the bulb type. 

Please note that conversion kits may be illegal depending on where you are located. We support the use of conversion kits for motorsport and off-road use, but we do not take responsibility for non-compliance with your local regulations and laws.  

Can I get a customised kelvin temperature (K)?

The kelvin temperature dictates the brightness, colour and hue of your HID lighting. We recommend a kelvin temperature within the 4300K to 6000K range for optimal performance and practicality. Anything higher or lower may not comply with your local regulations and standards due to an insufficient level of lighting. You can submit a customised request for any HID replacement bulb or conversion kit for a particular kelvin temperature via our Contact Us form, if it is not available in our default menu. However, please remember to be sensible in your selection as we do not accept liability for failed WOFs, pink slips, etc. 

The kelvin temperature of our HID-R replacement bulbs are: E-88s (4300K), N-88s (5000K), T-88s (6000K). For our conversion kits, customers select their desired kelvin temperature from the drop-down menu at purchase. 

Why are your bulbs so much cheaper than from a dealership?

Our start-up mission was to bring high quality HID / xenon products to our little part of the world at reasonable prices, given the ridiculous prices we were faced with. Our products are manufactured in Korea by a genuine, original-end-manufacturer (OEM) in the same facility as several other well-known global brands. By removing the fancy brands from the products, we are able to pass on our savings to customers without compromising quality.  

Are your stuff from China?

No. Sometimes customers ask us why they shouldn't just purchase from the myriad of cheap HID bulbs available on eBay or Trade Me. We support innovation and quality, not cheap products. The standard of our products are nowhere near comparable to the likes of these cheap, Chinese-made clones. Our products comply with international quality standards and are certified with the globally recognised European e-mark where stated on our product pages. As an example, if HID products elsewhere are advertised as 55W, this is a tell-tale sign of an inferior product, as sellers not well-versed in HID technology often mislead customers into believing that 55W bulbs produce a brighter level of lighting than the standard 35W. 

Do you offer a warranty on your HID bulbs?

Our products come with a one year Australia and New Zealand warranty for factory defects. This does not cover damage to products caused by accidents, motorsport, negligent handling or installation, or resulting from use outside of the general, intended purpose. As we may ask for proof of professional installation in the event of a warranty claim, we urge customers to use qualified installers. 

What is the difference between a DXR, DXS and DXC bulb?

DXR bulbs are for vehicles which use headlights that use a reflector to produce its own light source, while DXS bulbs are for those that use a projector. DXC bulbs are a universal fit for both the DXR and DXS bulbs, created for inventory purposes. 

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